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VMware Site Recovery
Protect your workloads both on-premises and on VMware Cloud on AWS with VMware Site Recovery - on-demand disaster recovery as-a-service (DRaaS).

VMware Site Recovery


VMware Site Recovery brings trusted replication, orchestration and automation technologies to VMware Cloud on AWS to protect applications in the event of site failures. The service is built on an industry-leading recovery plan automation solution, VMware Site Recovery Manager, and native hypervisor-based replication, VMware vSphere Replication. The service provides an end-to-end disaster recovery solution that can help reduce the requirements for a secondary recovery site, accelerate time-to-protection, and simplify disaster recovery operations.

Benefits of VMware Site Recovery

Simplified traditional disaster recovery combined with reliable and cost-effective service

Reduce Cost

Comprehensive solution with built-in benefits, based on an elastic cloud environment

Increase Disaster Recovery Reliability

Secure, global DR with verified RTOs and low RPOs

Simplify Deployment

Build on existing know-how to automate disaster recovery


What protection configurations are supported?

VMware Site Recovery can protect (1) workloads running in an on-premises datacenter to a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC, (2) workloads running on a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC to an on-premises datacenter, and (3) between different VMware Cloud on AWS SDDCs.

Must the on-premises versions of vSphere, vCenter and Site Recovery Manager match those deployed in VMware Cloud on AWS?

No. VMware Site Recovery was designed to provide flexibility in the versions of the components deployed by a customer in their on-premises datacenter and those deployed and managed by VMware in VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware Site Recovery is compatible with N-1 version of Site Recovery Manager and vSphere Replication on the paired on-premises datacenter. For example, if the current version of VMware Site Recovery is 8.3, the supported versions for Site Recovery Manager and vSphere Replication on the paired on-premises datacenter is 8.2 and later.

Where is VMware Site Recovery available today?

The service is available in all regions where VMware Cloud on AWS is available including AWS GovCloud (U.S.) region.

Is VMware Site Recovery available on other public clouds?

VMware Site Recovery is only available on the VMware Cloud on AWS infrastructure stack.

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