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VMware Virtualization by Industry
VMware Virtualization Solutions, Increase IT Efficiency and Virtual Management


Help your academic institution remain on technology’s leading edge with programs and initiatives that make it easy to bring virtualization technology to campus. VMware offers rich global education and research programs to educate faculty and students, as well as powerful virtualization solutions to simplify datacenter operations, cut costs and increase productivity in the campus datacenter.


VMware delivers powerful, proven virtual infrastructure solutions that enable government agencies and military installations to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their IT operations.

Through the power of VMware software and virtualization solutions, governments can now centrally manage their computing, storage and network environments while:

VMware Solutions for Federal Government

Today, governments face many new challenges. Presidential directives, legislation and government mandates are driving new initiatives such as remote PC access (teleworkers), COOP planning, IT consolidation and disaster recovery planning. Used by over 1,000 government customers, VMware virtualization solutions help address these critical IT issues, including:

State and Local Government

Virtualization helps state and local governments efficiently deal with the increasing demand for IT services while reducing infrastructure and energy operating costs. It also transforms state and local government agencies into dynamic and agile computing environments where greater efficiency translates directly into improved operations.


As a healthcare IT professional, you face many of the same challenges as your colleagues in other industries: trying to reduce costs while improving service levels and tightening security while increasing flexibility. You also have unique challenges around compliance, quality of care, efficiency and moving to new modernization initiatives such as digitized patient records. Virtualization transforms healthcare IT into a dynamic and agile computing environment where greater efficiency translates directly into better patient care. Virtualization can help you:

Portable and Secure Access to Patient Data

Give caregivers immediately accessible, centrally managed virtual desktops that follow them from room to room or floor to floor with VMware View, the industry leading universal desktop solution.

Unify your discrete hardware resources to create a shared dynamic platform, while delivering built–in availability, security and scalability to applications with VMware vSphere, a virtual datacenter operating system.


Hosting Providers:

Enterprises looking for ways to expand their on-premise infrastructure to add capacity on demand, as well as SMBs or workgroups wanting a fully outsourced infrastructure, are investigating cloud computing.  Many of today’s solutions have issues like proprietary application platforms that require redevelopment time to function off-premise, inability to move to another provider if SLAs aren’t met, and long lead times to move or set up new environments.  Introducing VMware vCloud, the only cloud solution built on the reliability and advanced technology of VMware products and its robust partnerships.

VMware Service Provider Partner Program

VMware vCloud initiative delivers a set of cloud computing services across a common platform, which supports the largest set of existing applications and carries the distinctive mobility features only available from VMware.  As part of the vCloud initiative, VMware has established the VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP), a framework that allows Service and Hosting Providers to consume VMware virtualization solutions in a way that aligns with their business model.  This creates new opportunities for Providers to offer virtualization enabled solutions, applications and services for their customers and sets the foundation for greater profitability and success.