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Oracle Virtualization
Mission-critical software foundations for enterprises worldwide

OracleOracle provides mission-critical software foundations for enterprises worldwide. VMware technology simplifies IT environments so that Oracle IT Database and Application administrators can leverage their storage, network, and computing resources to control costs and respond to changing business needs. In the demanding world of Oracle application development and deployment, virtualized infrastructure brings quantifiable time-to-market and TCO improvements.

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Oracle Database:

Oracle software provides mission-critical foundations for the majority of large enterprises worldwide. VMware technology simplifies IT environments so that Oracle IT administrators can leverage their storage, network, and computing resources to control costs and respond quickly to changing business needs. In the demanding world of Oracle application development and deployment, virtualized infrastructure brings quantifiable time-to-market and TCO improvements by reducing development hardware infrastructure costs and by allowing more developers and users to be hosted on existing and future industry standard hardware.

Since Oracle Database is one of the most commonly virtualized applications, VMware invests a great deal of work towards optimizing its performance.

Why DBAs should demand virtualization

Oracle on VMware vSphere Essential Database Deployment Tips
Even the most demanding Oracle database workloads can now be virtualized with VMware vSphere™, with greater than 95 percent of Oracle instances matching native performance. This paper provides the essential tips necessary to successfully deploy Oracle on VMware virtual infrastructure, which enables database administrators (DBAs) to meet their performance and availability goals.

Maximizing Oracle Database Performance and Minimizing Licensing Costs in Virtualized Environments
Embarcadero Technologies and Oracle Database Virtualization expert, Dave Welch, of House of Brick Technologies have collaborated on this detailed TechNote on best practices on licensing when virtualizing Oracle databases on VMware vSphere, optimizing performance, information on Oracle Support, optimizing performance, vSphere vs. OVM, and other hot topics.

Oracle Databases on VMware - Workload Characterization Study White Paper
This paper describes a workload characterization study of virtualized Oracle databases (version 11g Release 2) on VMware ESXi 4.1. Results
show that virtualized Oracle databases on vSphere can handle intensive OLTP loads in single and multi-virtual machine scenarios.

Rapid Deployment

Deployment Guides:
Oracle Databases on VMware - Best Practices Guide

This Guide provides best practice guidelines for deploying Oracle databases on VMware vSphere. The successful deployment of Oracle on VMware vSphere(tm) 4 is not significantly different from deploying Oracle on physical servers. DBAs can fully leverage their current skill set while also delivering the benefits associated with virtualization.

Rapid Deployment of Oracle Database 11g Using VMware Infrastructure and Netapp Flexclone
This paper provides an overview of the first-generation grid infrastructure, describes how advanced server and storage virtualization can enhance existing grids, and includes a case study of a next-generation grid implementation that demonstrates how to solve a pervasive technical problem by creating database clones that are space efficient, rapidly provisioned, and easily managed.

Oracle RAC on VMware vSphere Deployment Guide

Simplified Management

White Paper:
Simplify Oracle Database Management with VMware Infrastructure and EMC CLARiiON
The paper examines how to address Oracle database performance, data integrity, and manageability challenges with the VMware Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) and EMC industry-proven CLARiiON storage.

High Availability

Oracle Database Solutions on VMware High Availability High Availability
This document describes some high availability scenarios designed to protect a VMware virtualized Oracle database to minimize downtime within the same datacenter. The architectures described are based on VMware High Availability (HA), Symantec Application HA (which is integrated with VMware vCenter™ Server), and Oracle RAC. These scenarios are compared to help architects decide which high availability solution for Oracle on VMware is best for their environment.

Oracle Database Solutions on VMware High Availability


Oracle Middleware:

Application Development with VMware vCenter Lab Manager and Oracle WebLogic Server

In a non-virtualized Oracle application development environment, procuring dedicated hardware, installing operating systems, and installing and configuring applications can be a painstaking and costly exercise. VMware vCenter Lab Manager addresses the challenge by automating the setup and teardown of complex, multi-machine software configurations on a centralized pool of servers shared by the application development and QA teams. These operations are performed in a self service manner by developers and QA engineers and literally take seconds, relieving the time-consuming provisioning burden often shouldered by IT.

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VMware Lab Manager
Virtualizating your Oracle platforms produces tangible technical and business benefits. In this webinar, VMware explains how using VMware Lab Manager in your development environment shortens time to market, increases productivity, and lowers costs. A BEA spokesperson discusses how Lab Manager has improved development for its own Business Interaction division.


Application Development with VMware vCenter Lab Manager and BEA WebLogic Server
Oracle WebLogic Operations Control allows centralized control over Java apps, including dynamic activation and scale-out to meet mission-critical business needs. This video covers key benefits, as well as how to use the product.

Intelligent Automation with VMware and Oracle

Oracle WebLogic Liquid Operations Control (WLOC) can help customers to take advantage of VMware virtualization to implement dynamic application architectures. WLOC is designed to address the challenges involved in application virtualization by providing policy-based monitoring of application service level agreements (SLAs) and automating dynamic deployment and provisioning of application resources.

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Intelligent Automation with VMware and BEA Technologies
This webinar shows you how you can use VMware and BEA technologies to implement dynamic application architectures that span virtualized and dedicated server platforms, and provide centralized governance and control over Java applications, including dynamic activation and scale-out to meet changing business demands.

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Virtualization

Industry discussion on Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and virtualization positions them as separate, though related, topics today. Because of the wealth of public discussion on each technology, IT manager may wonder whether they are in any sense connected to each other. In fact, the technologies that come with virtualization can be seen as key enablers for the flexibility promised by SOA.

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Virtualization is a Key Enabler for SOA
This demo showcases the use of VMware Infrastructure software in SOA deployments. Scenarios include: mapping an SOA deployment to a virtualized environment, a virtualized data center, provisioning a WebLogic Server instance to a WebLogic Server domain, provisioning a WebLogic Server instance to a WebLogic Server cluster, planned downtime for hardware maintenance and unplanned downtime in case of hardware failure.

Oracle Applications:

Organizations today depend on high levels of continuous service for enterprise applications, databases and other business-critical IT systems. VMware delivers unique value to customers that rely on software from vendors such as Oracle® with technology that can help to enhance IT service levels and simplify management while reducing hardware and operational costs.

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Application Development

Accelerating Oracle E-Business Suite Development with VMware Lab Manager
This paper covers use cases for VMware Lab Manager, and explains how you can use it to streamline and accelerate QA and development processes for Oracle E-Business Suite.

Deployment Guides

Deployment of Oracle E-Business Suite on VMware Infrastructure
This guide provides instructions and best practices for deploying Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), a fully integrated, comprehensive suite of business applications for the enterprise, on VMware Infrastructure.

Deployment of Oracle PeopleSoft HCM on VMware Infrastructure
This paper shows you how to deploy PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management (HCM) on VMware® Infrastructure. It provides instructions for converting physical machines to virtual machines, creating virtual machines, installing PeopleSoft Enterprise components, and creating a gold image to streamline provisioning of new PeopleSoft environments. It also explains how to leverage advanced features such as VMware® vMotionTM and VMware® High Availability (HA).

Deployment of Siebel on VMware Infrastructure
This paper describes best practices used during the deployment of Siebel software on VMware Infrastructure with particular reference to the experiences of a customer in the real estate industry based in Southern California. Customers are encouraged to refer to the best practices described in this paper before starting Siebel virtualization projects.